Seminarios sobre Patrimonio

19/06/2020 - De 10:00 hasta 13:00

Traditional heritage is often found in marginal and fragile territories, increasingly marked by depopulation, deficiencies in infrastructure and basic services and an implicit imaginary of disadvantage. On the other hand, these are often territories dense of culture, where alternative economies in symbiosis with nature, which preserve the biodiversity, still able to activate processes of subsistence and self-organization, with an emphasis on agriculture and crafts based on local resources – both material and intangible. Some international entities, admirable in their work and somewhat comparable to each other, have been called share their experience, generating an opportunity for debate and exchange. Using a T-model, the approach adopted by these entities combines the verticality of competences in the specific sector with the horizontal and holistic approach that cover parallel sectors, using the perspective of those who have experienced and know how to embed in the context. A ‘strabic’ view is adopted: think globally and act locally.

3:00 pm (Rome) - 10:00 am (Buenos Aires) Seminar Ángel Guillén, Medesus

4:15 pm (Rome) - 11:15 am (Buenos Aires) Music break Martin Romero Zavala Pedro Rodriguez Chirinos

4:30 pm (Rome) - 11:30 am (Buenos Aires) Round table

4:30 pm (Rome) - 11:30 am (Buenos Aires) Round table


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